Stage 4: Coming Soon!

I'm gonna be pretty up-front and say progress this week has been a little slower than I'd have liked. My day job and social life have both been a little busier than usual, but things are going to relax soon and I can get back to a better pace.

That said, here's a small update before tomorrow's big one! What's new?
- A finalized starting car selection! Six cars, now. You might notice a couple cars are gone - but those are gonna be unlockable, don't worry.
- I've re-done the trees! They look way better than they used to.
- The Sigma Spec: R has been re-tuned, it's a little overpowered now, I'll be nerfing it a little later, but at least it's actually driveable now.
- There might've been a couple more tweaks in there, too?


TOUGE.apk 11 MB
Jul 01, 2018
TOUGE.exe 4 MB
Jul 01, 2018

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