Small update!

Re-balanced some of the vehicles to make them a little more driveable. Try out the BZ-4T and Sigma Spec: R, now! The Zero is mostly driveable in dry weather now, too.

Also fixed a minor thing with the rain reflections that bugged me!


TOUGE.exe 3 MB
Jun 24, 2018
TOUGE.apk 11 MB
Jun 24, 2018

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Watch out lad, there's felled trees all over the place! Well, that sucks. I can't finish the stage. I really need to practice.

So far, I'm really loving what you're doing with the game man. It's really awesome. And this third stage? Oh my Lord, it's hard! Just gotta keep practicing. It gets even harder in the challenge because it's dark.
I like that you added a practice stage. It really helps. I just can't wait for the music that you talked about though. Another thing I was thinking about for music was like a 16-Bit remake of Rage Your Dream when you beat all the stages. Just like how they brought it back at the end of the Fifth stage.
So many ideas. So little time. I'll probably edit in more later, but I've got some things to do today.
This is Foxx signing off. I'll see you later.

Just gonna put this here.