Stage 3: Ready!

What's new in this update?

Stage 3!
Duel the legendary Sigma Spec: R down the most technical road yet, with more complex turns than before and less straights in between. The weight of the opponent's car really puts it at a disadvantage to lighter vehicles like the 86SE, but making it down the dangerous curves in one piece is a feat itself - especially with the forecast for that particular area.

Practice Course!
This is an all new course meant for beginning racers to get comfortable with the driving physics and experiment with the different cars until they find one they like. It's also great for experienced drivers to experiment with new techniques and lines to cut their times down even more. This course is a circuit setup, where you can do multiple laps. Each time you run a lap that's your personal best, it lets you know how much faster you were.

Menu tweaks!
The old menu from the Stage 2 demo was...unintuitive, at best, on the desktop version. This was an issue with porting it from Android, with different screen setups meaning simply clicking everything was a bit wonky. This new setup makes it completely possible to use nothing but a keyboard or gamepad to play, with no need for the mouse at all, even in menus! Desktop users will see a cursor icon above their current selection and can simply navigate with the arrow keys or d-pad, using SPACE to confirm their selection.

Auto reset!
Did you tumble down the road into a tree and disable your car? No need to reach for random buttons any more. The game will tell you that you've crashed and send you back to the menu screen to try out a new car, or the same car, and go for it again.

Enemy camera mode!
Press "C" to use this cool debug feature intended for my music guy to get a sense of what each racer is doing, down to the second of each race. It locks the camera onto your opponent, if they exist, potentially leaving you behind. Again, it's only meant for my music guy to watch the other racers and come up for fitting eurobeat/retrowavy songs (which will be coming soon!), and not meant for actual racing, but it might be helpful for players to watch the rest of the course.

Updated grass and dirt visuals!
Very subtle change here, but it involves less spray-can in MSPaint and a little more effort on the grass, and a little clumpier dirt. Matches the trees better now and it's beginning to tie together a more cohesive overall visual feel.

And that's it, I think!
There's enough content here I might actually focus on locking some of it away for some progression and unlocking.

Look forward to this in the next update:
- Crash recovery in Practice mode. This will put you back on the road if you wreck, leaving challenge mode to be the part where you have to do the entire course without catastrophic collisions with trees or guard rails.
- Stage 4, naturally.
- Locked tracks and potentially locked cars, unlocked through gameplay. Cars will be unlocked with certain driving feats and tracks will be unlocked by beating the bosses.
- Hopefully: music! I've got T8HI on board with me for this project, you may remember his musical work in Saving Princess 1 and its upcoming sequel. We're both hoping for a retrowave mixed with eurobeat soundtrack here, for maximum nostalgia and Initial D influence.


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Jun 24, 2018
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Jun 24, 2018

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Oh yeeah, a few extra additions. Sound effects for the menu. I'm sure you've already thought of that though. I was thinking of like some effects from OG arcade racing game style effects, y'know? Those were lit. Like Namco Circuit. *sighs* The classics. Other things like a choice window asking if you'd like to restart the race after you crash instead of automatically sending you back to the menu. That'd be nice. I think that'll be all I'll comment. I'll be back on the next update. Probably ask for the same things next time if you don't see these. I know this game will be awesome when you're done. Can't wait. 

Matter of fact, if you have Discord or Hangouts, I hope we can talk more about this.

(1 edit)

Watch out lad, there's felled trees all over the place! Well, that sucks. I can't finish the stage. I really need to practice.
So far, I'm really loving what you're doing with the game man. It's really awesome. And this third stage? Oh my Lord, it's hard! Just gotta keep practicing. It gets even harder in the challenge because it's dark.
I like that you added a practice stage. It really helps. I just can't wait for the music that you talked about though. Another thing I was thinking about for music was like a 16-Bit remake of Rage Your Dream when you beat all the stages. Just like how they brought it back at the end of the Fifth stage.
So many ideas. So little time. I'll probably edit in more later, but I've got some things to do today.
This is Foxx signing off. I'll see you later.

I'll be putting this comment on the other update too. Just in case.

Comments coming later my good friend, but for now I must hit the hay.