First stage nearing completion!

This game's coming along nicely, will post an updated downloadable demo very soon!

What's new?
- Several optimization updates, finally runs smoothly on low-end Android devices.
- A new system to store boss data that loads it during the "3, 2, 1, GO!" bit before the race starts without the need for a massive loading screen before each race.
- Prettier guard rails!
- Oh, the entire first stage course is complete. It's a simple course with a lot of wide turns, and just a handful of sharp ones, and can be completed in under 1:30. It's a great start for people to get used to the controls - but the boss is tough! Defeating the boss means you have to master the wide, sweeping turns and smoothly transition into the tighter corners without running wide. Concentrate on a good racing line and it's doable.

So why haven't I posted an updated demo?
I want to wrap up the first boss's cutscene, too! Then you'll all be welcome to a demo and try defeating this boss.

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I wanted to ask if the boss's and cut-scenes are finished in the latest build?