The first stage is done!

Here's what else is new:
- Optimization tweaks, runs smoother!
- An actual ghost boss! This one is Kobura, and he drives a modified SR200.
- That first stage track I mentioned. It's done! It's a showdown against Kobura here.
- A new car! The BZ-4T.  Think of Bunta.

That should be close to it. Enjoy!


TOUGE.apk 10 MB
Jun 18, 2018
TOUGE.exe 3 MB
Jun 18, 2018

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What happened to the practice run? I can't practice any more. Do I have to beat Kobura first?

I've actually broken the practice run to make the first stage, but tonight I'll post a new demo with a new practice mode, second stage and a stage select!