Stage 2: Ready!

Stage 2 is ready, along with a number of other updates, including:

- New weather effects, like rain! Lightning!
- Daytime practice mode!
- Track select screen! Choose your track, weather and practice/challenge here!

Stage 2 is a much more difficult course with a longer track length and much higher difficulty, introducing complex corners and more linking corners! You'll be racing a CR-7 FS2, so don't lose any speed in the corners you can't afford to!


TOUGE.apk 11 MB
Jun 22, 2018
TOUGE.exe 3 MB
Jun 22, 2018

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(7 edits)

Nice to see that you kept your word about the demo! Keep it up man. Still trying to get the drifting down. Easiest car for me so far has been the CR-7 FS1 surprisingly. Now I have to battle it's successor.

EDIT: I like that you added a map. Makes it easier to get through the course.

E2: I would really like to know what the fastest car in the game is. Hope you don't mind. I see that they are well-balanced.

E3: Okay, I'm getting way too happy with this. I'm editing while playing the game. I like how when you hit the wall, the car breaks down.   E4: Well, that you can hit the wall, but it only breaks down depending on how hard you hit it.

E5: We really need some music dude, or at least some menu music. Like some 16-Bit Eurobeat from Initial D Dselections 1-3.   E6: Ooooh, even better. Music depending on who you're going against. Like from the episodes in Initial D that played the most iconic song from each battle. Or give us a few with knock-off names that we'd notice and we can choose. That'd be awesome. 

E7: Yeah, don't worry. This will be my last edit. Showing the ghost on the map as at least a dot would be nice. Easier to see how far ahead they are.

Thanks for the feedback!!

You'll be very excited to hear I've got two music producers who'll be working with me to achieve a Eurobeat/chiptune/retrowave soundtrack - with themes for each boss. 

The fastest car in the game for sheer top speed is the Zero, it's an absolute highway demon - but it's almost impossible to control! My personal fastest times have been set with the CR-7 FS2 and the 86SE.

Hope to see you in the comments for the next update!