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Hey, did you make this with Game Maker? Ty!

Really like the idea of tying your jumping ability to your ammo, makes for some good challenges and together with your first couple of bullets having an extra power-up really makes you think about how you use your ammo.  Clever mechanic!

Finding the bosses really tough. Any tips on beating the shirtless guy? I know electricity stuns him, but afterwards he is invincible for so long I just get wrecked, and sometimes stun locked with his repeated uppercuts D:

Also: there seems to be debug stuff activated with G and H, accidentally activated when I was figuring out the controls before I realised the readme was installed in a separate folder to the game

what is the debug stuff just curious

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G seems to activate upgrades, it increased my max ammo and max health at least.
H just caused damage to the player.

No idea if they do anything else behind the scenes, so they might mess up progress or stuff, but that is what was immediately visible to me.

i see

This was really fun. I love the art and visual style. The mechanics were a bit finicky at first, but it quickly grew on me. Works perfectly on Linux under WINE.

I am currently trying to play this game but it won't open in full screen no matter how I mess with the settings. Any tips or tricks?

Press F4


so,save station update pretty please?

I think you might need to update since there isn't a way to get to the main menu from the pause menu, as far as I can tell?

Was super enjoying the demo, one to look out for, stellar music and really enjoyable gameplay! Get this on Steam!

nice game jacob  where can i download its music the composer name:T8HI right  can anyone leave a link or ~

Very nice metrodivania game. Thanks

Really nice demo, I like the three shoots system, polyvalent and intuitive, like the jump system. Is it your idea or it comes from an old game? Remember me the metroid on the nintendo 3DS, i have a similar felling. However if i buy your game one day i have more chance to finish it than a metroid :). I enjoy the graphisms, animation and ambiance of your game.

This is simultaneously a very polished and very unpolished game.

The art is pretty great, it's what drew me in. Usually, when I see a game looking this good, I expect the gameplay to follow suit but....

  • The empty corridors. It takes quite a while for you to come across anything of even slight significance. It reality its only about a minute, but given the nature of this type of game, having gone through a fair few rooms, its quite long. This would be fine if it were building atmosphere or leading to something, but it doesn't.
  • The first path you unlock you do so by interacting with a thing, and then it unlocks. It'd be much more interesting if you got some kind of upgrade that naturally unlocks an area, rather than a door just opening. Also, it tells you to open the map I believe, but doesn't tell you how.
  • The camera feels horrible, I'm sorry but there's no other way to really put it. Sometimes simple works better, particularly in a retro style setting. The way it lacks behind or jumps back and forth as you turn around is incredibly disorientating and obnoxious. The only time I can think in a platformer that a camera should work more complexly than "stick to player" is perhaps invertical sections. 
  • The controls are tricky to get even though it feels like the type of game where they'd be easy to pickup. For one thing the jump. Having the character drop when the jump is released works well for some types of games and could work here. The problem is thus, instantly dropping when it's released does not work in tandem with the shoot jump mechanic. FTR, cool mechanic. But being forced to release the jump button to press it again feels all kinds of awkward. Later, without realising, switched to shooting down using the shoot button and this worked much better, so then why is the ability to use the jump button there? So it's easier to figure out? A simple prompt could do that, I'm all for teaching through level design over obnoxious tutorials, that doesn't mean simple prompts need to be completely omitted; that flies in the face of being user friendly. 
  • The bullet recharge mechanic is just bad. Having to wait around for the gun to charge destroys the pacing. There's an easy solution to this that I'm not sure why it wasn't taken, increase the weapon recharge time dramatically, but only have it recharge when on the ground (or recharge faster on the ground). I got one of the recharge speed upgrades, I'm guessing that the idea is you find more of them and so on. But you shouldn't need upgrades in order for the game to be fun in the first place. I believe in the trailer it showed the character recharging in the air to repeatedly bounce, but that itself could be an upgrade.
  • Each room just kind of blended together. Looking back, the only room that I remotely remember was the rolling rock room. Every other room didn't present some kind of challenge, just the same enemies in the same situations, it all felt like filler.
  • I didn't play around with this too much cos I didn't want to die, so apologies if I'm wrong, but spikes seem to knock you back when you get damaged. This seems like something that'll make it a pain to get out of.

oh lord i regret this font choice hahaha
anyway this is an extremely well thought out comment and i really appreciate it, so i'll go ahead and try replying point by point!

- The empty corridors. big agree here, to be quite honest with you. there's a lot i've learned since the release of this game just a few years ago about storytelling and pacing, thankfully.
- the first path unlocking by interacting with an object: that was actually my attempt at storytelling. it definitely could have been more interesting!
- the camera, i also agree, looking back on it. the movement speed isn't high enough, the view size isn't large enough and the framerate is also an abysmal 30 frames per second. the panning left and right was done to give the player some more view space, but because everything is snapping to whole numbers when the screen width is barely 256 pixels or however many, it's - oof. wowie, yeah, i agree, it can look kinda rough.
- the controls: this is actually less of an issue with thinking out the controls themselves and more of a problem with the framerate and balancing the recoil amount. it's a lot more generous and well balanced when the recoil provides a noticeable boost. as far as stopping the jump upon key release, i will certainly stand by that. shooting down by pressing jump was actually a feature in place to prevent people with really old keyboards from missing their input by holding too many keys at once- though it certainly could have been an option, instead of an always-on feature.
- The bullet recharge mechanic is just bad: this, thank god, was completely re-thought for the perpetually in development sequel. the very first upgrade you get doubles your reload speed, instead of the tiny 20% boost each upgrade in this game provides. this game asks the player to really trust in their incremental progress as they find more upgrades, which can be really off-putting at first.
- Each room just kind of blended together: dude tell me about it! the blocks are all kinda ehhhhh looking and a lot of the map, looking back on it, seems to be there for filler. fortunately at least, each sector of the station is themed differently and each sector is a significant difference from the other with their own unique challenges within. graphically i've grown enough to really convey what i want to with level design now, at least.
- spikes: yeah no definitely, they're the worst. they do knockback and stunlock you into a deathpit. i've learned my lesson about spikepits in these types of games - they don't return in the sequel!

the sequel has been on hold for years, though, while i've been experimenting with other games. check out: for a more polished overall experience with more of a focus on the shooting bits and cooperation with a second player. for a free game that's a bit more polished than saving princess was, despite being made in just 72 hours for a game jam! it's not a particularly lengthy commitment of time to play through, either. if you'd rather quit playing metroid and just watch initial d

i can only keep improving thanks to feedback and criticism like yours, and i really appreciate players like you helping me to grow and learn and become an unstoppable flesh monster.

The disappearance of my disappearance!

oh you were supposed to open up the map screen! press q next time you get to that big console. that should open up the rest of the game for you!


So, tried installing this game on my chromebook.

Every time I start up the game, it goes to the initial load screen, and then immediately shuts down.


i am not sure how else to contact you so i am leaving a comment here. i just wanted to ask for a refund... the hit boxes on the second boss are way off and all he does is contact damage. i really don't like bosses that are designed around that mechanic. it's cheap and easy. let me know how i can contact you. thx.

i'm sorry you're not enjoying it!

email me at and i'll get this straightened out for you.

any OSX version soon?

Been enjoying the game so far, but would enjoy it a great deal more if my gamepad would work with the Android version.

Can I have a mac build please?


Sorry but i RATE 1 Star the quality off this 4minutes DEMO...  

Beacause not possible SAVE in this DEMO, and after 5 minutes MAXIMUM you have a Boss Fight .. :-(

VERY BAD THIS OPTION, first time i see this :-(

I want paly and finish your game , but I can't Play (save progress 2 continue) your game :-(

And sorry if my English it's not very good

Got the demo for Android and it's a nice game, congrats!

Btw, any chance for a Linux release? I'd happily buy it and then recommend it to others :) Cheers.


I enjoyed this game so much that I decided to make it the main topic in my latest episode of Hybrid Plays! Saving Princess is a great example of simple metroidvania design done right. Nice work!


ohmygosh I actually cried a little watching this! To be used as an example of getting the essentials right is a tremendous honor, thank you so much!

The editing is very well done, and your knowledge of game development principles is absolutely on point. The humor had me cracking up, too! I'd love to see more of your content, so I've subscribed!

Again, thank you so much! Keep up the excellent work.


Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked the video! Saving Princess is super sick, are you still working on a sequel? I'd love to play it once it's done :D


Yep, the sequel is still in the works! I know I've been quiet, but it's close to 90% complete, only missing a final boss.

I've been taking a small break to work on a racing game while I have someone review the dialogue script; I'm hoping to have the narrative in this one carry some more weight than the first one.


That's awesome man,  nice job! I'll definitely check both those out once they're done! 

Oh gosh this is so good!




also its good 10/10 but for now thumbs down


Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding health upgrades, keep looking! They're there.

And yes, saving is disabled for the demo - because you've got access to the entire game. If you can beat it on one life, in one sitting, you deserve it for free! Good luck.

Wish there was a press download for this game.