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This game was featured on AlphaBetaGamer's Youtube channel!
^The video does contain spoilers, since it's a full run, but it's definitely worth viewing if you don't mind that sort of thing or you've already beat the game. Their performance during the gameplay is top-notch and well worth watching to see what tips you can apply to your own runs through the game.
You can also check out their site and article here:

Made in 72 hours for a game jam: Cult of Jabrils Stay@Home Jam - May 11, 2020!
The theme: "The more you use an action, the worse it will perform."
As a result, everything in this game is constantly degrading in its condition.

You wake up in a deserted lab with no idea who, what, when, where or why you are, with nothing but the computer logs of deceased crew members to guide you.

Your weapons, armor and even the biomass that your cloning pod runs on is constantly wearing down. There's a rare chance of getting item drops to repair your gear. 

When you die, you start with a fresh clone and have to run back through the rooms you've cleared to get back to your gear and try again.

The threat inside the ship is constantly growing. Can you persevere?

The game is surprisingly well-polished and provides a lengthy challenge for something made in just a weekend.

Left/Right: Run
Z: Jump
X: Fire
P: Pause

Backspace: GAME KILL


Dpad: Run
A: Jump
X: Fire
Start: Pause

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Female Protagonist, Game Boy, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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So the game finishes with 70% of the Biomass destroyed. Is it possible to get 100%

So, I like what I’m playing, and the concept is great. The controls are pretty good, and while the pixel art is simple, it has a clean, consistent look that is very appealing.

That said, the restart (when you die and a new clone is formed, up to where you can pick up the old armor and try again) is tediously slow. And while I like the game overall, I cordially despise weapon durability in all forms, but having it carry over to the next run makes it worse.

There’s also no in-game menu; backspace to “GAME KILL” is a weird way to do an exit the game command. Just sayin’.

Still, excellent game. I look forward to your future endeavors! Thanks for this!

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What a wonderful game... except that I accidentally hit R and lost all my progress without so much as a warning prompt.... wow that sucks!

There should probably be some save files.



will recharge rooms be fixed?

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Great time, glad I saw Kravin play this.  only question, what does the R on the map represent?  I've beaten the game a couple of times and haven't found a way to do anything with the two R rooms. 

R was supposed to be recharge rooms!

but i broke the suit rechargers in the 11th hour and as the clock approached the jam's deadline, i had to axe the recharge rooms - and forgot to get rid of the map icon! the post jam release will certainly have some kind of health replenishment tho, keep your eyes peeled

Awesome!  Because of its locations being one on top of the other and the next rooms boss dying and leaving a blank hole in the ceiling i thought I was missing some kind of elevato

just watched MrKravin play this and really liked it, so thought id check it out ^^

i saw his vid, too! it was a great time watching his vid, i'm glad it's bringing people over to check this out<3

it was a very great time ^^ 

Hi, which engine did you use for this?

this was made with game maker studio 1.4! i've been using game maker - and GML - since 2003 or earlier. i did the art and graphics entirely with mspaint.

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This game is absolutely genius.
The only thing missing for me to give it full marks is a checkpoint.
Running back through a place cause i died isn't usually a problem, but in this case they're empty and the walk back only serves as a detterent to players who want to just keep on playing. Apart from that, the game is action-packed, immersive and has good combat. The only actual option that could be considered missing would be customizable hotkeys, but i understand that, in the context of a game jam, you put priority on the gameplay.
In conclusion, i simply hope you make other games, which i am sure will be just as good if not better, and i look forward to playing them.


thank you so much for the feedback!

originally, the player couldn't clear rooms out, and they had to run past enemies in order to get their suit wherever it was. that turned out to be nearly impossible, so when i made sure rooms cleared and the suit would always stay in the last clear room, i didn't have much time to come up with anything else hahaha- i'm just glad i didn't go with my original decision there.

i'm really glad you found the gameplay to be immersive; i worked very hard on trying to make sure the tone was consistent enough to pull that off, and i'm happy to hear it worked.

customizable controls will come in a post-jam release, as well as an android port!

for other games i've made, here's a couple picks i think you'd be interested in, if you liked this one:
two operatives infiltrate a space station to destroy the superintelligence inside. supports local multiplayer with two controllers, and the multiplayer mode has a secret final boss you wouldn't get to fight in the singleplayer mode. it's my latest, full release title with all of the passion and polish i could fit into it.

for a more traditional metroidvania experience with weapon and platforming mechanics similar to this, i recommend trying this one out. it's my first, full release of a game, so there's a few things here and there that i'd certainly do differently now, nonetheless it's had a fair amount of praise and seems to be my most popular title.

there's a couple more WIP games on my itch page, including a hotline-miami-ish dungeon-slaying romp, and what could be thought of as an initial d x ghostbusters fangame.

After 3 hours of blood, sweat and tears, i'm happy to say I finally beat the game. That going to the spaceship at the end bit was rather sly in my opinion, and i only figured it out by chance cause i wanted to read the computer for clues.
Apart from that, the ending is very well done, with plenty of anxiety from the countdown, which is just what you want in an escape sequence.

I'll check out the other games you suggested, and I'll give you some feedback on them.
Keep coding !


made an account just for this :D
Could you possibly share the music from the game? It is exceptional !

...also if you need some pixel art check my instagram of the same name, But you look like you have everything covered, forgive me if I'm weird please, you seem approachable and I really dig your game


the music is definitely exceptional, i agree! it was made by my friend, whose music channel goes under the name "Designator." you can check their other stuff out here:


we're working on a bigger game together, and i'm very excited for it.

as far as pixel art goes, it's a huge creative outlet and passion of mine, i'm glad you like it! if i ever want to do a collaboration, i'll be in touch. 

and you're not weird! i'm glad you commented - and it means a lot to me that i seem approachable to talk to. thank you so much!

Well having just discovered you two I'm excited as well, and I'll be keeping an eye out ;)
I found you through AlphaBetaGamer, and yeah very glad I did, best of luck to you in your endeavors.





Great game! Where are you supposed to go when the timer starts though? I tried the area in the bottom screenshot on this page but the obstruction was still there.


the mercenary ship is still docked! hint: you might have to ditch the suit in order to get to it

love your youtube channel by the way!

Ah, right, I'd never of thought of going back there!

Thank you very much! Glad you like the channel. Will get a video of this up on it if I can beat it! :)

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that would be a dream come true for me! you've gotten much further in the game than most!

That's the video up now. Had a lot of fun with the game and love the pixel art. Great work! :)


i just watched! great video, i'll be sharing it with everyone! thank you so much for the coverage, it's an honor to be featured on one of my favorite gaming channels. <3

Love the graphics and sound!

Interesting! I'll have to give it a check when I have a computer again!


alternatively, there's an android port coming very soon!
the touchscreen certainly doesn't beat having a controller with real buttons, though.

Oooooh, Android port! Looking forward to it! :D

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after the game jam is over an android port is actually one of the first things on my list! it'd be great for android.