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Nice, but I find it weird how the A.I can pull of the hairpins so cleanly.

Edit: oh wait here's a brake. But why is it on G?

I seem to have a graphics bug where there is a yellow and black line flickering across the screen.  Valve pls fix....


hi~ how can I buy the source code ? i want to study it ~^.^

Hey, it's me again. Been a while since the last update. You said there would be one soon, but that was in July. C'mon man, I've been itching to play something new on this game.

Initial D!

*Deja Vu intesifies#

Though it may not have been your intention, I love the Initial D feel this game has. It controls well, provides some difficulty, and is overall very enjoyable.

This is a great indie game, its creative, surprisingly fun and quiet challenging, exactly what i want from a sweet little indie game. Mad props Creator!

could .you make a ios version please

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Not bad at the moment. I loved how all the cars handled differently. Great if  not frustrating level of difficulty but it makes the win all that better. However I got a you loose screen even though I finished the race first. I don't know what that's about but other wise a good game.

this game is amazing its challenging but at the same time has that simplistic feeling of a classic 1980s/1990s kind of game!! i hope you keep up on this game it is just super fun to play.

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I have idea how you could do brakes. On android when player push both steering buttons then a car will brake.

Got a bug with transparent image of cars at cutscene

I AM IN LOVE!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! screams potential in every corner drifted ! Keep working on it would like to see this to the end!

YES! Thank you for the positive feedback, be sure to check in weekly for update after update! We'll see this through until it's done.

Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it has awesome sound effects and looks wonderful! It has a lot of potential to be a great game. I made a let's play of your game here (just a warning I'm super bad at it ^-^')

Subscribed, I had a great time watching your LP, thank you so much!

It does seem like your framerate was a liiiittle low, but my computer bogs down when I record, too, so I can see why the game was lagging in slow motion. 

I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much! That's super nice of you ^-^

Yeah it was hovering 30 which is guess isn't enough for some games but I'm glad you liked it!

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I really enjoyed my first run with it, the driving difficulty is just right and satisfactory. Love the overall feeling!

Time for bug reporting: I have some issues with menu controls. I couldn't highlight "SELECT" when choosing a car. Then I linked a mouse to the laptop, clicked randomly, and it went on... No cursor was showing up anyways. Also I couldn't figure out how to change weather. One last thing: how do you reverse?

Great work anyways, will follow for sure. Hope in an OSX or iOS release later on!


Thanks for the report! I'll get the menu fixed up by this weekend. I'll reimplement a reverse button soon, it was too easy to abuse as a brake for desktop users, leading to outrageously quick times! I've got a few ways I can make sure a proper reverse gear pops up for when we need one.


The menu's been fixed up now, and you should be able to navigate entirely with the keyboard or d-pad. Use the space bar or "A" button on the SELECT buttons or weather toggles. Changing the weather should be achieved now by selecting the little cloud icon in the track select screen and pressing space or "A" on a controller.

Awesome! Wil try it later for sure. :)

It's still in early stages, but the basic things are already very well. The driving physics are really fun once you learn them, it's a bit simplified and I guess that makes it good for mobile too. The difficulty on the first stage was just about right, you can't make mistakes and you need to find the right car that fits best. We'd like to see your game in this year's Game Development World Championship, especially if you think this would be fully completed by October.

Thank you for the exceptionally detailed feedback!

Competing in the GDWC would be an honor. I'll see you this October!

Alright, glad you're interested!

Tons of fun crammed into such a simple concept!

I really enjoyed the way that you based the game on the Initial D anime, pretty cool game!

I like feeling of driving on grass, it is super cool

this rocks!! super engaging atmospheric for what it is, the art & audio is excellent

thank you! atmosphere and immersion is exactly what my main goal is with the details, it's great to hear it delivers on that!

Great game, I just have one criticism: it's very difficult to tell which car is yours after a few laps, when the ghost is almost exactly following you

that's a good observation! this current demo just uses the ghost of your best lap - your driving must be pretty clean and consistent!

the next demo coming tonight will have an actual ghost that isn't just your own lap. should be a fun challenge!

Hey! Messed around with this on my channel, looking forward to seeing how this develops! 

got yourself a subscriber! got a good laugh from that, especially the end!

you'll be pleased to know i've just implemented controller support, keep an eye out for the next demo!