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I know that I'm really late but. Android port, pls

Really loved this, perfect short metroidvania-ish game (here's a longer review)

omg!! i love the entropy pump; i saw Saving Princess made it on there, too. this is so exciting, thank you for the coverage!

i don't think i'll ever be able to implement online multiplayer sadly; and two player only works with a second, xinput controller! that means that only xbone, x360 or windows controllers will guaranteeably work.

i've been meaning to experiment with remote viewing and stuff like over-the-internet-controller support, but noooo idea when i'll actually be sure if that can work!

thanks for the comments!

Bro I have the same problem. But I use Gdevelop 5 engine and I'm studying about Multiplayer Online using P2P or THMK extension. If you use GDevelop5, I recommend you to see TheGemDev Multiplayer Online tutorial. If you use other engine, just don't give up!


help two player doesnt work

please fix


is there a way i can remote view or play with an ps3 controllers?


when online multiplayer?