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SAVING PRINCESS 2 continues two years after Portia Crane rescues subject "PRINCESS" from a robotics research lab unter the control of an AI gone mad.

"PRINCESS" is now a fully developed synthetic intelligence herself, and she has once again found herself in a position where she needs evacuated; this time from the HARPYIAE OUTPOST, a research lab suspended in the atmosphere of a gas planet.

Asset Recovery Specialist, Portia Crane, has two simple objectives:
  1. Secure the station.
  2. Save PRINCESS.

Many, many more questions come to mind, however. What happened on this station? How did the entire crew end up dead while under the watch of a state-of-the-art AI? What were they researching?

SAVING PRINCESS 2 is the working name of this project and the aim of this one is to expand on the storytelling while retaining some of the gameplay of its predecessor with a few tweaks. While it may seem like another "metroidvania" on the surface, it should turn out a little less typical than that, with less focus on gathering upgrades and more focus on exploration, investigation, and survival on a station that seems to be crawling with hostile, unfamiliar lifeforms. Navigation is once again achieved with the traditional running, gunning and jumping, along with the recoil blast jumping.

Blast jumping, in this game, will be focused on more intensely and your skills with it will be tested in boss fights and platforming.

Weapon customization will be more in-depth with at least three different components in Portia's blaster all capable of being removed and replaced with a more advanced part.

Story-telling is now achieved through interactions with "PRINCESS" in scan rooms and the addition of a mission log. Portia, when she has time, will update this log with important, mission-critical information and mission-relevant thoughts to stay organized as she tries to piece together the events that unfolded on the doomed HARPYIAE OUTPOST.

It will be ready for WINDOWS PC and ANDROID devices some time next year.

I'll have demos up soon.

Published May 07, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, 2D, Metroidvania

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