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Here's a side project especially for October. If this becomes a real thing, I might dress this page up a bit and make it prettier. And give it an actual pitch here.

You are Lucia Ortega. There's a necromancer dude doin' some evil, edgy blood magic and they're set on becoming an unstoppable lich. Infiltrate their fortress and take them out before they become immortal. They've already got an army of constructs crafted from blood guarding his place.

Oh, spoiler: The big red robe mage guy isn't the necromancer. They're not even in the game yet.

The gameplay is kinda like Zelda with a dash of Hotline Miami. You - for the most part - die in one hit. Levels are short, intense, and require you to unlock doors to progress. Oh, yeah. There's levels. It's linear. I might add forking paths in the future?

How To Play:

PC: WASD or arrow keys to move. Click to dash. Your dash doubles as your attack and it is instant. There's a quarter-second cooldown, so you can't spam it. Dash either into or through an enemy to hit them. Don't get dashed through yourself. Don't get hit by fireballs. Backspace immediately quits and R is a hard reset to the first level. 

Android: Drag the left circle around to move. Drag the right circle around to aim - and when you release, you'll dash in that direction. If there's an enemy between you and your cursor,  you'll automatically dash. You might automatically dash into a fireball and cut it down - and while it looks cool, you still have to be careful, especially if you're trying to aim at the guy casting the fireballs. It's tricky on mobile, but I'm tryin' to make it less awful.

As you cut foes down, the three bottles at the top left start to fill up with blood. It takes three enemies to fill one bottle. When you die, if you have at least one full bottle, you'll get back up, spending one bottle. This sets up a pretty natural "checkpoint" system where you won't lose all your progress through a level if you're doin' okay. In the long run, though, usin' magic blood to resurrect yourself over and over is probably no good, so try not to die in the first place.

What's in this current build?:

You get 3 levels, including a boss. Die completely during a level, and you'll restart the level. Defeat the boss and you'll be rewarded with lots of nothing.

I plan on adding different world types for later levels, instead of the same orange bricks for everything.

What about my other projects?:

Saving Princess 2 is still very, very well under way. 95% complete.

The racing game is...kinda...on hold until I can get some music for it. It's nothing without sick eurobeat jams or some synthwave for the menus and stuff, y'know?


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